Faust Park

8.8 miles (21 mins drive)

​Formerly the farming estate of Missouri’s second governor, Faust Park showcases historic Missouri buildings as well as a carousel that dates to the 1920s. Faust Park's Thornhill Estate remains one of the oldest structures in Missouri and has regularly scheduled tours. The Thornhill Estate is a small replica village depicting the life of people in the area in the 1800s. Faust Park gives interactive tours of the Thornhill Estate which allows visitors to participate in a variety of household chores done by homesteaders of the time

Monday7 AM - 6 PM

Tuesday7 AM - 6 PM

Wednesday7 AM - 6 PM

Thursday7 AM - 6 PM

Friday7 AM - 6 PM

Saturday7 AM - 6 PM

Sunday7 AM - 6 PM